Page 3 of Mikey and Rick's Golf Adventure Dec 1998

Well, Mikey managed to make the par and take a record tying 7 greenie carryover. This was one for the record books. As the pictures to the right show, Mikey hits a fine 6 foot lag putt (4 feet), and manages to roll the 2 footer in to save the par! Man, this kid can putt.

The rest of the week belonged to Rick however, as a year of sandbagging experience can go a long way towards winning golf.

Mikey's birdie try rolling towards the cup; aw, it stopped short!

Mikey hammers the shortie to the back of the cup and secures the biggest single paycheck of his golfing "career".

Mikey says, "What trees?"; Rick says, "Keep your head down, Jackass!"

This resident says, "Come on over here and get your little ball, chicken!" (I kept Mike's side of the golf cart between me and the 'gator).

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