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The Best round of golf in 35 years!

days 'til my next birthday

The layout at Trull Brook Golf Course, Tewksbury, MA
Gold greens indicate birdies!

The stage was set that day my friends: Al Dyson and Ray Nolin had been dominating the "golf for lunch wars" for the previous week. I set my sights on a freebie lunch, tip and a few bonus bucks that beautiful late morning on November 24, 1999 as we met on the first tee. Al had just arrived from his work morning down in Worcester, Ray and I had driven down from a liesurely breakfast in Salem, NH.

The weather was as unbelievable as the golf. We played the round in short sleeve shirts with the temperature about 66-70 degrees (this is the day before Thanksgiving in New England I'm talking about here). As Dyson was to point out, "Look at that sky, it's like June!".

It would seem that Ray and I had the edge because we had arrived about thirty minutes early and worked out at the chipping and putting green, but as often seems to happen, Al started off with a par 4 on the first hole, while Ray and I both 3 putted for double bogey 6. I was determined to put that hole behind me and promptly scored another 3 putt 6 on hole #2, although just a bogey this time as I ran my twelve foot birdie try about 6 feet past the hole and just lipped the second putt.

There we were on the third tee, and I was already three over par. Well, then I got things going. After bogeying hole #3, I played from #4 through #18 in even par and shot a final score 76 with 5 birdies collected in strings of three (holes 6, 7, 8) and two (holes 12, 13). To tell the truth, I started worrying so much about the shot at breaking 80, that I played somewhat defensively on the last five or so holes, but still finished with a round equal to my best ever. I realize that I am the only one who really is interested in all this; so I apologize to all. Here is the score card.

Ain't it a beauty! As well as those birdies, the long drives, greenies and putting competition put some long green in my pocket for sure.

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Trull Brook Hole #1 Par 4 338yds Trull Brook Hole #2 Par 5 496yds Trull Brook Hole #3 Par 4 383yds Trull Brook Hole #4 Par 3 123yds Trull Brook Hole #5 368yds