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days till Chrismas 2004.

Man, I gotta stop putting date and time sensitive content on my webpages; when you have about fifty pages to track, it gets way too much work to try to keep them all up-to-date re: editorial commentary.

Hi, and Welcome to tripod Page 2.

This is an actual unretouced photo of me. However, it is a couple of decades old.

Hi I'm Janie (you can call me Wanie) Buppie is the best grandpa, and I'm not just saying that to get money, either!

Laurie taking a morning break on Nantucket

Buppie's Homepage Links

Buppie's Homepage @ Prodigy:
Buppie's Homepage @ Angelfire
Buppie's Fine Art Gallery Room 1:
Buppie's Homepage @ Tripod
Buppie's Xoom HomePage:

My fine family

My Fine Art Gallery

My Chess Set Collection

A few of the Geek family @ Pinchpenny (Can, MT and Beanie)

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