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Happy 2003

days 'til next Christmas

In the interest of fairness (especially regarding my cousin Ron's proclivity to beg for strokes in the golf competition), I would like to add a one page golf report/scorecard of the day this past season when Ron got it going at The Overlook in Hollis, NH and shot a fine 40/38/78; thereby breaking 80 while at the same time beating me by twelve shots. I will point to this scorecard anytime in the future when he says that he wants "three strokes a side" as we get ready for a match.

Particularly note well that one of his birdies came on the #2 handicap rated 18th, par 5, 516 yard riverside, and over water, hole. Two birdies along with a bunch of pars made this one of his highlight film days.

Ron's 78 @ The Overlook
Check out the 4 on #18!

I usually score a 7 or higher.

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