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The Nolin boys circle the wagons at Shawnee on Delaware 1990 (page 2)

Unfortunately in 1990 I didn't know I would ever be compiling and building webpages for presenting the golf outings and stories, so I have no detailed story line for this outing. However, let it suffice for me to say that we had very cooperative weather (if cool, it was November) and we had another blast of fun in boosting each other's confidence and helping each other with our golf games. The cameraderie of brothers wanting each other to do well despite the fact that it might cost some coin was a thing to behold, nay to participate in. Why I doubt that Ray or Bob laughed out loud more than six or seven times while I was swinging. And if an occasional word of criticism was given, it was always constructive. For(e) example, Bob might say, "God-dam arm swinger!", after Ray hit a particularly weak drive. Or I might say to Bob, "Be careful of that water on the right".

Like I say, I can't remember the details of the rounds as to who played well and what kind of scores we had, so look at the pictures and enjoy.

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The pictures

Balloons at The Shawnee Inn

Rick and Bob waiting to hit

Balloons on the rise

Rick waggles the 3 wood on the tee

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