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The Shattuck all-day golf June1, 2000

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Out of respect to my fellow competitors, I will not post the gross (and I do mean gross) scores. There is no need to embarrass anyone. Suffice it to say that Rick won by playing so-so golf

Ray did present a modicom of a challenge with 27 holes of well played effort, even taking brief possession of the lead for a couple of holes.
The match was not very much in doubt at an early point in the second round such that Mr. Dyson was given to trying to make mundane side bets as a distraction (or maybe to aid in funding the dinner payout).

At one par 5 hole, a $2 bet was offered to the first player to hole out with a 6 or better score. When the hole was completed, the scores were two 7s, an 8 and a 10.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the pictures. Obviously, it needs a full video camera crew with paid announcers/commentators to make the outing a good presentation. But, this is what you get when one of the guys trying to play the game is also the camera crew and chief writer. Maybe next time, we'll hire out.

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The Shattuck semi-annual 36 hole all day golf match June 1, 2000 at Jaffrey, NH
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