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The Shattuck all-day golf June1, 2000

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So, the day was great unless you take into account the account of Al, Ron and Ray. They bought Rick's fish & chips dinner at Kimball's Farm Restaurant just down the road from downtown Jaffrey.

This match was played on a full handicap/low total net score basis for the 36 holes. As a point of interest, I took a quick look to see how we would have fared if it had been a point quota match. Looks like Ray would have won handily. I did not go through the exercise of looking to see how the match would have gone if we had done a "skins won" basis (the way we sometimes play), but I think that Rick would have prevailed in that method.

I will mention that The Shattuck in early 2000 is in very good condition. This is in contrast to a year ago when our group flatly put this track on the "disabled list". The spring outing to Jaffrey in May 1999 was not a good experience and that wasn't just because it rained on our heads, but because the quite beautiful course was fallen into serious damage/disrepair. We ran our fall marathon outing over at Amherst CC and have been considering where we might play this year; deciding to give the old Jaffrey layout (opened 1991) another shot after hearing of improving conditions. I believe that the choice was a good one and the "deal" can't be beat. We had all day golf with cart, range balls, 6 golf balls, unlimited snacks/sandwiches and draft drinks for $49 per. The Shattuck is trying to rebuild it's traffic base. However, this might be the last of the 36 hole/all day affairs with this group. Mr. Dyson wasn't happy with The Shattucks cart path requirement and Ron thought that the golf course is just too difficult for an all day outing. Of course Rick thought it was just fine (hmmmmm, wonder if the results had anything to do with it?).

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The Shattuck semi-annual 36 hole all day golf match June 1, 2000 at Jaffrey, NH
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