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The Shattuck all-day golf June1, 2000

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The final nine holes would be the stage on which the final chapter of our daylong drama would be played out. Although Ron and Al improved their scores on the third nine holes, they could not make headway against Rick, who just about held them at bay. Ron was working hard to set a record with the most 10s scored by a golfer in a single day and looking back on it now, he managed to record 10 at least once for each nine hole segment of the outing (no mean feat, I must say).

By the days end, Ron got the record; at least as far as I can ascertain. I have checked the internet, the LPGA, the PGA, the MGA, and as many other record keeping institutions as I could find, including the Golf Association of Point Barrow, Alaska. Apparently, Ron has established a record which will doubtless amaze golfers around the world. He had six 10s on the day, one in each of three nine hole segments and three on that back nine in the first round. Congratulations Ron!

Meanwhile, on that last nine holes, Ray seemed to succomb to the pressure of being in the lead. He scored a "day's highest" 11 on the par 4 10th hole, practically whiffing on a sidehill lie in the rough just off the tee (why was he trying to hit a three wood???). Rick steadied on the fourth and last nine holes and retook the lead on that 10th hole and extended the lead from 2 to 6 strokes on hole 11, with a par 4 on that difficult hole. Meanwhile, Dyson continued to find lots of golf balls (white) for his playing companions while looking (not finding) for his own yellow balls.

I think that those who stopped for a hot dog or sandwich or candy bar at the 27th hole, contributed to their own ill fortune. Rick stayed in the cart, sipping a Pepsi, while the others went into the snack bar for another free bite to eat. Hey, we were playing for "dinner for the winner"! Who wants to fill up on golf course food?

Ray seemed to right his sinking ship on the last five holes or so, but the gap was too great to overcome and towels were being tossed into the ring (in chess, you tip your king) in concession to Rick's masterful control over the game and the course. Ron finished the day with three straight pars and the last 5 holes in just two over par, but he had lost the match back in the morning. Al Dyson shot a decent half round on the back nine as well, although all players continued to lose ground to the winner on the final nine.

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The Shattuck semi-annual 36 hole all day golf match June 1, 2000 at Jaffrey, NH
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