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The Shattuck all-day golf June1, 2000

A special view of Mount Monadnock.

Twice each year, the intrepid (or is it putrid) golfing fousome of Al Dyson, Ray, Rick and Ron Nolin, journey to Jaffrey, NH for an all day, 36 hole golf match under the watchful eyes of the spirits of Mount Monadnock. Warm sunny skies on a beautiful New England day watched over as our group headed down the first hole towards Mount Monadnock at 9:00am on June 1, 2000. We have had our fair share of lousy, cool, rainy weather over the years, but the weather was fine as wine this day as Al Dyson shot into the lead on the first hole and held that position until the second hole, when Rick pulled even with a fine greenie par on #2.

With the exception of a stumbling quad bogey 9 at the par 5 6th hole, Rick was in good form for the first nine holes; building a solid lead over fellow competitors. Ray was in second place, about 3 shots back, while Dyson and Ron were having their troubles and trailed by 7 and 9 shots respectively at the first turn and the first hot dog break.

We think that Ron might have been suffering some sort of lapse into bowling scores because on the back nine of the first round, he scored an unprecedented three 10s, two coming on consecutive holes #10 and #11. Now, nobody would call these holes easy, but they are not impossible. And on one of those 10s, Ron scored it without using his putter. Dyson improved his score by several strokes, but so did Rick and so even built on his front nine lead, although geezer brother Ray played very well and closed the gap on Rick to trail by just one stroke after the first 18. The summary scores are a bit disheartening to any golfer so suffice it to say that Rick led Ray by 1, Al was third by 15 and Ron was the trailer by 26 strokes if my card is true.

Needless to say, Ron was out of the contest except to challenge cousin Rick on long drive side bets. After the 18th hole, we stopped for a sandwich and a cold one before heading back out on that treacherous little 339 yard par 4 first hole, with woods right, swamp left and crossing stream out at 220 yards or so. On this nine, our third, Rick seemed to lose his way and scoring an 8 and a couple of 7s. Brother Ray took over the lead at the 169 yard par 3 7th hole, scoring a par while Rick made double bogey 5 from the hazard. At the completion of the 27th hole, Ray held a one stroke lead.

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The Shattuck semi-annual 36 hole all day golf match June 1, 2000 at Jaffrey, NH
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