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Happy Holidays 1999/2000

Welcome to the second Annual Nolin-Mambro Father Son Golf Tournament, December 3-6, 1999

After day 2, Eric headed home to be with his wife and new baby, Erin Marie Nolin, leaving his padre to try to salvage some tidbit of golf pride on the final round of golf at the Talamore Golf Club.

Talamore played 6,025 yards, slope 126 as we decided to play in the rain. It was not fun for about six holes or so, but the rain abated and the sun came out and at the end, we wished it wasn't the end. With all due, Rick played a decent round and actually gained on the field, but the deficit of 24 points was a bit too much to ask. Ray and Scott mounted a brief charge to close the gap on the front nine, while old Dave struggled in the wetness. But, when Ray finally played well, Scott lost his touch and their effort faltered on the back nine. At the end of the tourney, the final point total standings were:
Mambros -20.5 points Ray/Scott -29.5 points Rick/Eric -37.0 points

It would have been great if we were talking about minus scores relative to par.

It's funny to play a tournament where the goal is to finish less negative than the other guy! Well, I guess that is always true except that you like to see the points in positive territory. Maybe next time, we will remodify the modified Stableford point system (such as starting Eric and me off with a 30 point lead).

Talamore Golf Club also proved to be a fine course and layout. We conducted an informal review and rating of the four courses we played but didn't get a chance to review Talamore, so I will just say that I would recommend all four with a caveat on Tobacco Road, whose condition and quality is not in question, but in my opinion the course is a bit too difficult for a high handicap player to have a good day. Maybe it is one of those that you just need to play a few times to learn what to do and where to do it.

Dave (Bunky) tries to figure out what to do next.
(p.s., this is the waste bunker that someone used as a toilet).

Eric attempts to get a 100' putt to within 50' for his second putt; hoping to get down in three.

The Boys; Scott, Eric & Dave at Tobacco Road Eric packed and ready to hit the road, beer in hand!

The coveted 1st prize for the 1999 f/s golf.
Mambros think they own it!

After the tourney, your reporter drove on down to Florida to visit uncle Bob and break his 6 iron. Bob thought it was kind of funny!

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