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Happy Holidays 1999/2000

Welcome to the second Annual Nolin-Mambro Father Son Golf Tournament, December 3-6, 1999

Saturday, the tournament began at the Hyland Hills. I don't seem to have a copy of the Mambro's official scorecard, but they charged into the early lead with plus 3 points off old Daves fantastic 35 points (plus 7). Young David enjoyed the ride his dad gave him. Ray and Scott had a good round finishing at plus 1 1/2 points. Scott broke 100 and Ray came close. Rick and Eric finished with a pathetic showing of minus 9 1/2 points; barely 12 1/2 points off the lead after one day. Sheesh!

Hyland Hills Golf Club was a very nice track, although a bit tight off the tee for yours truly. There were just a few too many trees (called "the woods") for the spray hitters. We played the white tees at 6,155 yards; sloped at 122.

Sunday, we had an experience (a round of golf too) at the Tobacco Road Golf Club. I am not quite capable of capturing this layout in words, pictures and video won't suffice; you really have to see/play it first hand to get the true flavor of this unique place. It kind of reminded me of a couple of golf courses I designed for the old original Mean 18 computer golf game, which I had named "Arrrrgggghhhhh!" and "Hard Times". Actually, for a low handicapper it isn't too difficult, but for most of us it's pretty tough. To make that point, look at these scores with handicaps in parenthesis: Rick (14) 104, Eric (24) 109, Ray (26) 115, Scott (26) 106, David (24) 114 and Dave (8) 77. Tobacco Road played to 5,886 yards at the "plow" tees and was sloped at 132. I needed a blind, one legged, super senior female set of tees to be able to score on that course.

At the end of round 2, team Mambro held the lead at - 9.5 points; team Ray/Scott were second at -14.5 points and team Rick/Eric were like way back at -33.5 points. I think we set an dubius record for the modified stableford scoring system by going -24 points in one round of golf.

Typical Tobacco Road fairway? Well, not exactly!

Bunky watches cousin Eric make an approach shot.

Impossible! This is what you have to navigate after a good drive. The green is over the far right corner of the canyon. Sheesh, what a hole!

Looks like Eric is swatting at imaginary demons buzzing
and bugging him as the Daves try not to laugh.

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