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Flower beds at golf club @ Myrtle Beach 1990

A brief lookback the Nolin (and Mambro) golf trips to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1989-1991. Page 4.

I tried to assume the role of tournament planner, director, czar, handicapper and scorer, and much to my chagrin, everyone else said, "Good, go right ahead!". The amazing thing is that while being irresponsible for all this, I didn't "manage" to win it all! In years since, I have learned a few strategies and tricks to assure at least a financial breakeven position, if not coming out on top.

Of course nowadays I get a lot of crabbing about being the scorekeeper and at the same time winning various competitions, but whenever I hold the scorecards and pencils out to the complainer, he says, "Ah, never mind, you do it!".

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The pictures

Bob & Rick 1990

Bob waits in car

Bob and Rick in 1991

Bob and Rick 1991

This Concludes this presentation. For more golf fun, see some of my other webpages, some linked below and more linked off my Prodigy Homepage.

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