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Beautiful Sunrise at Myrtle Beach 1990

A brief lookback the Nolin (and Mambro) golf trips to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1989-1991. Page 3.

Brother-in-law Dave headed for Hawaii on his job for a few years around 1990, so he only made one trip with us. Ray, Bob and I went down to Shawnee on the Delaware in the Poconos of Pennsylvania in the fall of 1989 or 1990, I think. We played golf while the annual big hot-air balloon festival was going on. Brother Bob and I went down to Virginia Beach one year without Ray. Bob, Ray and I went to Myrtle a couple more times, like 1990, 1991, maybe 1992, before Ray or Bob dropped out for some reason. Bob's shoulder started acting up and Ray went into early semi-retirement, so even though we had more fun than since we were kids, we didn't go again.

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The pictures

Rick at Shawnee-on-Delaware 1990

Bob before the follow through 1991

Bob after the follow through

Bob and Ray 1991

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