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Island Green, our first day 1989

A brief lookback the Nolin (and Mambro) golf trips to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1989-1991.

In the mid 1980s, I had the pleasure of joining a group of company friends and fellow golfers for a few 5 day golf trips to Myrtle Beach, SC early in the spring. After three of these trips, while on a summer visit with brothers Ray and Bob at Ray's lakehouse in New Hampshire, I suggested that we might make a family golf trip to Myrtle the following spring. To my great surprise, Bob said that it sounded like fun and Ray said that if Barbara would let him go, he'd try to save up. Believe me, this was a far more exciting response than I expected; and so, the planning began shortly after. Meanwhile, I called brother-in-law Dave to see if he wanted to round out our foursome. Late in March the following spring, we went down on our first trip.

This report & presentation is made with a compilation of reports and photos which will try to reflect the reality of our fun, but my dates/times/places might be confused due to the rapid advance of years upon the viewer.

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The pictures

Dave and Rick prep for golf 1989?

Dave, Bob, Ray, Rick at MB 1989

Ray's first drive at Myrtle Beach 1990

Rick opens the 1990 Myrtle Beach tourney

Bob and Ray at Myrtle 1990

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