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Happy 2000

Welcome to Buppie's Homepage at Tripod

We are now in the last year of the 20th century
Do your best to make it a good one!!

Candice riding the armpit bars April,1999


Take a look at one of the best rounds of golf ever played by littlebuppie. Click to see.

Recent Golf Tourney Reports

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Click Here 1999 Shattuck Golf Challenge of June 14, 1999
Click Here 1999 Annual Honeywell/Bull Northern New England Golf weekend
Click Here 1999 Annual Fall 36 hole match
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Click HereNolin/Mambro 1999 father & son golf page

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My name is Candice. Buppie is my favorite of the world,
after my mom, of course!

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1958 in Turkey

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