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Page 4 of Mikey and Rick's Golf Adventure Dec 1998

Well, as you can readily see, Mikey and Rick had a fine time with the possible exception of the losing 100 balls in the damn waterville valley type golf course which had ball sucking water hazards on 17 holes. We played 27 or 36 holes every day and the weather was just perfect.

Oh yeah, before I forget; Mikey showed me how to play bocci, the old country bowling ball game and I kicked his sorry butt. I had to do it in retaliation for him taking away my yahtzee crown of last year.

If anyone wanted to know the real truth behind why Mike wanted to play over at the "whatchamacallit golf course", it was just to get a picture of this guy sitting in the backyard of a house on the 18th hole overlooking the green. Mikey says he wants to make one. I couldn't get him to pose with the thing.

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