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Page 2 of Mikey and Rick's Golf Adventure Dec 1998

Mikey showed his stuff on the signature par 3 7th hole at Punta Gorda. We had seven greenies carryover to this hole (we were on the second round of the day) and he really nailed it to win $3.50 on one hole. The story of the hole is played out on the following 5 or 6 pictures! Imagine; if he had made the birdie, it would have been a $4.00 hole (whew!)

Mikey's tee shot shown just six feet from the hole

Rick ain't even on the green; "no greenie for you!"

Not a bad chip by Rick to give himself a shot at a par and possible tie if Mikey misses

But no, Rick has to tap in for bogey after the 14 footer slid by on the right; "damn"

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We don't need another hero; we have Arnie

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