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Happy New Year 1999

Welcome to Mikey and Rick's Golf Adventure Dec 1998

Mikey and Rick just returned from a week of excellent golf in Port Charlotte, Florida! The weather was immensely cooperative with sunny skies and temps averaging about 80* every day. The pictures and accompanying captions will summarize the story, but suffice it to say that Mikey had to buy Rick's breakfast, lunch and dinner off the side bet action! (j/k Mike).

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Mikey energized to pound one down the middle
at Punta Gorda!

Rick airmails one which flew over Mikey's ball
about 250 yards down range

Wonder what Mikey is doing over there in the "ROUGH"?

But then I wonder what Rick is doing over there in the woods?

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We don't need another hero; we have Arnie

Here he is, willing the flight of the ball!

Created on: January 1, 1999

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