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Golf, a way of life

The best round of golf ever (in 35 years) was played at Trull Brook Golf Course in Tewksbury in November, 1999. After a less than auspicious start with double bogey, bogey, double bogey, par, bogey beginning, the birdies started happening and showed up at #6, 7, 8, 12 and 13. Five birdies for a personal best and despite the lousy start being about five over par in the first five holes, the rest of game shone.

Hole #6 is a downhill par 3 about 140 yards with my 8 or 9 iron tee shot coming to rest about 12 feet slightly left and below the hold. Moments later (after my friend Al and brother Ray straggled onto the green) the putt rattled in for a neat 2.

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