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Welcome to the 1999 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic which which was held on October 15-17, 1999 on beautiful Cape Cod, MA.

Actual unretouched digitized picture of Steve Smith!

The venue for the second day was The Captain's Portside Course in Brewster. While this was a fine layout and a good challenge, I found that walking & carrying was a bit much for someone my age and weight. At the start, I was playing without a partner (teammate), due to someone not being able to make the trip. However, (good fortune smiles upon the good people) we had a single join our threesome and I lobbied the scoremaster that I should take this lucky pickup as my teammate for the day. This turned out to be most fortunate because Larry Freed, a fine gentleman from western Mass proved to be the difference in my team splitting the two points with the competition, Pete Rice and Steve Smith, despite their constant harrassment of me and my swing. Thanks again Larry, wherever you are. And thanks for giving my clubs a ride on your cart on the back nine when it looked like I might expire.

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The pictures

Steve smacks one down the middle on #2 at Captain's

Tony picks ball out of hole as Tom, Ken and Ernie wait their turn

He's an Australian, hits backwards on #5

Rick hits an 8 iron to the 5th at Captain's

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