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Welcome to the 1999 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic which which was held on October 15-17, 1999 on beautiful Cape Cod, MA.

Actual unretouched digitized video clip of Rick's swing!

This years (1999) fall Cape Classic began at the new Brookside Golf Club in Bourne, just over the Bourne Bridge, on Friday. The weather was great with sunny skies and temps in the low 60s. An extra bonus was the relative lack of wind, which is rare on Cape Cod.

Eight competitors participated on Friday and the (almost) full field of 11 played Saturday and Sunday. Bob Brazeau set up and hosted the event and he has invented the most complex mix of scoring/team competition this side of the Ryder Cup. The competition is based upon two-six man teams (whose composition is something of a mystery) competing in a variety of formats over the three days. Points are distributed to the teams according to some sort of formula which usually seems calculated just to be sure that Rick Nolin's team always comes in second. The teams were:

Ernie Gaschler, Bob Brazeau, Steve Smith (dds), Phil Civello, Pete Rice (brown), Tony Donovan

Ken Layhe (the Aussie), Mike Rice (fried), Rick Nolin, Tom Flaherty, Ed Rice (boiled), U.S. Open

Friday's competition comprised two four man teams (a few guys didn't get down to the cape till Saturday) contesting four points in two net ball matches and two points in a nine hole scramble.

The Gaschlers took the early lead after the 18 hole matches, 2.5 to 1.5. However, the Layhes stormed back with an outstanding performance in the scramble to finish the day ahead 3.5 to 2.5. Your reporter contributed some fantastic lob wedge shots to secure the easy putts and helping his team to a bogey-free round.

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Unfortunately, the photographer didn't get a chance to play with everyone, so this photo report is limited to players in his groups. I apologize to those whose swing photos don't appear (and maybe to those whose swing photos do appear as well).

The pictures

Brazeau explains that the scoring system is complex and
that we should just trust that he will score fairly!

The Layhes: Flaherty, Ed Rice, Mike Rice, Nolin, Layhe

The Gaschlers: Brazeau, Civello, Donovan, Gaschler, Smith, Pete Rice

Pete Rice says "just slam it 300 yards down the right side"

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