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Welcome to the 2000 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic October 13-15, 2000 (page 6)

I hung at the final green for a half hour waiting for the hotly contesting final pairings whose battles continued down to the final holes. On the second half, Steve Smith had vanquished Bob, but I think Jim MacNeil had won two points for our team, thus cementing the secured victory and locked in a vault. I figured to try to get a couple of photos of this foursome at the last hole and present them to you here.

As I said, I was trying to play golf while doing field reporting; a difficult job. I do think that I might consider focusing on the picture taking and story line reporting and dumping the golf, although this year was my personal best in terms of points gathered for my team.

{Mr. Brazeau offered this editorial input shortly after I put the paper to bed}

Rick, the Sunday match was pretty tightly contested. Jim(81)/Bob(83) vs Ernie(81)/Steve(83). Steve provided most of the excitement. He started slowly going two down, scratched his way back into the match with pars and finished 9 with a sixty foot birdie putt to catch Jim for a halve. He let out a laugh that could be this side of the Bourne Bridge. He continued hot play for next seven holes in one over to close Bob out 3-2. And then as Ernie said, he started to prepare for next year by working on his handicap throwing in a few double bogeys ;-)

For the typically unstoppable Mr Gaschler, it was unusual day yielding no points. Bob put together a strong front side and closed Ernie out 2-1. Jim and Ernie battled down to the last hole with Jim finally taking the advantage 1-up.

Sunday - Captain's (singles, 8 points)
11:09 - Ken/Tony (.5) vs Rick/Mike (1.5)
11:18 - Ernie/Steve (1.5) vs Jim/Bob (2.5)

Jim/Bob/Rick/Mike win 6-4!!!

When the dust had settled and the beers were flowing in the final gathering parking spot, the MacNeil team was crowned Millennium Bull Cape Golf Champs and although nobody nominated me MVP, I think I would have won the ballot. Hope you all enjoy this report. Please substantiate and claims of inaccuracies and/or false statements with irrefutable proof or I won't listen to such criticisms. Have a happy and remember that the real new millennium begins next Jan 1. Kenny, we love you man!

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All photos are the property of BCGT (Bull Cape Golf Tour, Inc.) and unauthorized copies will be tracked down, seized, folded, spindled and mutilated.

The pictures

Bob's impeccable short game on display while
Ernie, Steve and Jim wait their turns.

Jim rolls up a nice lag putt to within a foot or so.

Ernie's lag on 18 missed, but he made the following putt.

Steve wraps up a fine day with a cool three footer on 18.

End of photos! I hope you enjoyed them.

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