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Welcome to the 2000 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic October 13-15, 2000 (page 5)

The Sunday final matches were winding down. Did I tell you that the weather was still nice? Yes, an entire three day October golf weekend was finishing in the same weather as it began. Even better than 1999, whose report you can click to visit at the end of this report.

Rick and Tony went head to head and although Rick took an early lead for the first time in his whole weekend, Tony kept him from lighting up a victory cigar until near the end. Mike was relentless in his match with Kenny. Ken refused to back down, they battled to the end.

By the way, for the non-insider's info, all the group was so happy to have Ken come around the damn world to see us and play golf, spill a beer or two, share a few jokes and then say "goodbye", turn around, get on a plane and fly another 20 something hours back home, it is truly amazing. We were so impressed that we discussed funding his next trip until we found out how much it cost; at which point, we decided to tell him just to stay home.

Ahh, Ken; ken ye come back again?? I for one will buy you a beer!

The final foursome came in about thirty minutes behind the first group on account of the seriousness of their play.

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All photos are the property of BCGT (Bull Cape Golf Tour, Inc.) and unauthorized copies will be tracked down, seized, folded, spindled and mutilated.

The pictures

Tony plays to the green.

Ken watches as Tony's birdie try goes awry.

Rick strokes his twelve foot birdie try (missed right)
after his unbelievable 110 yard "skull and run" shot.
Ken called the skull shot the longest putt he ever saw.

Mike rolls a nice putt to halve the hole with Tony
who is counting strokes very carefully now.

#6, a short hole with an innocent green; we all bogeyed
Tony made a remarkable out of the edge of woods shot
to hit and hold this green (alas, a three putt).

The other four, Steve, Jim, Ernie (where the hell is Bob?)
on the adjoining hole ("how's that match going boys?").

somewhere on our back nine match, Tony hits an approach.

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