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Welcome to the 2000 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic October 13-15, 2000 (page ?)

The individual matches of our foursome were dinging and donging for the whole round. Ken had the lead, Rick tied it up, took the lead and at #8 (a very challenging par 5 unbelievably rated way below in handicap rating) made a nice sand wedge pitch twelve feet past the hole and two putted for a par, while the competitors were struggling through woods, rough and bunkers. Tony played the hole as one could only fantasize in a golf mystery.

Tony and Mike went down to the wire on their front nine match and finished the round all square, although off the tee, I believe Mike had the promising advantage. Tony again put on his woodsman outfit and boots and stomped off into the trees, two nice shots later, he was on the green and saved a nice halve with Mike to share a point. So, at the half-way point, we had 1 1/2 points and "they" had 1/2 point. "Sweet Victory, I can taste thee now!"

{Correction!!!} Mr. Brazeau sent me the following official point tally for Saturday:

Saturday - Cranberry (best ball matches, 4 points)

11:28 - Ernie/Tony (2) vs Jim/Mike (0)
11:44 - Steve/Ken (0) vs Bob/Rick (2)
So, it was 2-2 after day one.

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All photos are the property of BCGT (Bull Cape Golf Tour, Inc.) and unauthorized copies will be tracked down, seized, folded, spindled and mutilated.

The pictures

Captain Kangaroo seemed at home thinking he was
in eucaplytus groves (#3 par 5 at Captain's).

A rare sighting! Ernie pitches from the #4 fairway
back to the #3 green as Jim watches ("nice shot").

Mike pounds a fairway wood as Ken and Tony are awed.

Ken puts a smooth swing (even with the small ball);
Mike and Tony observe.

Tony watches as Ken hits one to the green; the
match was see-sawing all day.

Tony with a careful chip over the bunker.

Mike explodes out of bunker; pretty good shot,
I might add.

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