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Welcome to the 2000 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic October 13-15, 2000 (page 3)

Sunday began with a friendly relaxed breakfast at the quite excellent Blue Rock Motor Lodge restaurant. Steve and Ernie from the competition, were kind enough to share my table as we talked (oddly enough) about other things than golf. Mostly we were yukking it up about the women whose chatter the previous evening was keeping Steve awake prior to Ernies snoring which extended his waking hours. Steve had tried to get me to offer the second bed in my room to Ernie, but I felt that I might lose a team advantage if Steve had to play with less sleep than he would have liked. Also, I didn't want Ernie's snoring to interfere with my snoring. Hmmm, I like this rooming alone thing.

The competition on Sunday was to be at the Captain's Golf Course a few miles east down the Cape in the lovely town of Brewster, perhaps. We teamed up to go with individual matches mano-e-mano for 1 point each for each nine holes, switching between opponents on the turn. Again, I apologize for the reporters bias towards the action in his own foursome. Positions and story lines from the other foursome were only coming in bits and pieces.

Ken Layhe, the hulking Koala in a man suit, took on Rick Nolin for one front nine match in our foursome and Tony Donovan did battle with Mike Rice. The weekend play seemed to have been scripted because Rick fell behind Ken early, although Mike got an early lead on Tony. Both matches were tightly fought and no-one got to more than a two hole lead, if that. Continued on page 4 (or click for pages)

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Man, you can almost feel the weather through these pictures. As I write this report, now two weeks after the event, it is in the upper 30s, raining with wind and I have a four days in bed flu virus going on. I'm heading south as soon as my chance comes.

The pictures

Kenny thought maybe, just maybe a somewhat larger ball
could do the trick. I think that it's the hemisphere problem.
"Hey Ken, that's a damn tennis ball!".

Repeating from 1999, awarded "Best Looking" two man team,
Mike Rice and Rick Nolin await Sunday teetime.

Ken Layhe and Tony Donovan await to do battle with
Rick and Mike.

Bob Brazeau and Jim MacNeil ready to challenge
Ernie and Steve.

Steve Smith and Ernie Gaschler, smile while considering
their strategy for Sunday play.

Bob, Tony and Ken requested a "memento" photo.

Tony pitches to the #1 green at Captain's just
to tick Rick off (who was in a bit of trouble).

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