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Welcome to the 2000 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic October 13-15, 2000 (page 2)

Saturday's competition concluded (aided and abetted by stellar come-from-behind squeeky victories by the Brazeau/Nolin team over Layhe/Smith) with the MacNeil Team leading 3 points to 1. Perhaps in retrospect, the Aussie (and Steve too) might have been given an extra stoke because of their respective jet lag play exhibition. For sure Steve didn't travel 15,000 miles by air to get to the competition, but I think he had to drive about 1,500 miles from his home, to son's school, to breakdown on way home, to pick up little sports car, to tool the 120 or so miles back down to the tournament. Well Steve, you have our heartfelt sympathy!

So, Ken and Steve pushed into an early first nine lead right away on #2 and extended the lead to two a couple of holes later. Bob and Rick were playing as if they had jet lag. But true to our never say die makeup, we edged back to within one somewhere around the #6 hole. At #8, Rick saved a remarkable par after a drive not to write home about, Steve just missed the hole tying putt while Ken was playing in a greenside sandbox like a little kid; relax Bob, we are all square at the #9 tee.

Hole number nine wasn't played with any degree of skill by any of the players, but Bob and Rick both bogeyed, which was enough to win the front nine by one. A point for our team!

The back nine was played for another point and pretty much the same scenario, although Rick's play got to be more entertaining with a couple of conservative, safe play 3 wood tee shots which went over the tree line to adjoining holes (maybe). The highlight film action occurred at hole #13 (I think), par 3 about 170 yards. Steve hit a fab-o tee shot to about 8 feet below/right of the hole; a better place for making a putt you couldn't find. Rick hit one of those low cuts which just carried the bunker short right and caromed onto the green, caught the slope (which the player had to have known about) and the ball tracked to about 8 feet just left/above the hole. A makeable no-gimme putt. After a careful measure to see who was away, Rick drained the nearly straight downhill for a 2! Then, calm as a young PGA Tour player, Steve stepped up and drilled his straight uphill for a saving tie birdie.

Bob won the next hole (a short par 5) with a chip and putt from the fringe rough and the back side was nip-and-tuck to the end. We went into a one hole lead at #16 with a nice Rick bogey, just held the lead as Steve's 3 foot downhill racer putt on #17 slid past the hole, and on #18, Bob slammed the door on the other guys fingers with a nice par through the woods.

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Some of these pictures may lead you to wonder about them, but remember that the poor schmoo taking them is also trying to play competitive golf with a bunch of sharks.

The pictures

Bob hits a nice recovery chip from the woods on #2.

Steve blasts out of #2 frontside bunker.
hmm, I also think he sank the par putt for a win.

Bob stalks another putting effort.

Steve goes for the #5 green as Bob and Ken admire his form.

Bob chips close to save a halve on #15
He actually sank a straight four footer!

Steve slips the birdie try past the hole.

Kaptain Kangaroo chipping from the eucalyptus again;
this was on the crucial #17 where bogeys halved.

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