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Welcome to the 2000 Annual Cape Fall Golf Classic which which was held on October 13-15, 2000 on beautiful Cape Cod, MA.

Actual unretouched digitized video clip of Ken Layhe's swing as seen in a mirror!

This years (2000) fall Cape Classic began on Friday with half of the group playing at Captain's and the other half at Cranberry Valley, where your photo/reporter/skiiled golfer played with Ernie Gaschler (Steve Smith was scheduled, but an important event at his sons school delayed his arrival). The weather for this year's classic was the best ever with sunny skies and temps averaging around 70 every day. As was the case last year, the wind was also calm making it just perfect.

Bob Brazeau set up and hosted the event and this year Bob retooled the most complex mix of scoring/team competition this side of the Ryder Cup. The competitors are divided into two-four man teams (whose composition is something of a mystery) competing in a variety of formats over the three days. This year, Bob managed to get the scoring system just right as Rick's team won the tournament. This is rare. The teams were:

Ernie Gaschler, Ken Layhe (yes, he came all the way from Melbourne again) Steve Smith (in case we had a toothache) Tony Donovan

Jim MacNeil Bob Brazeau, Rick Nolin, Mike Rice

Friday's competition comprised individual point quota competition and in our twosome, Ernie got his quota plus a couple of points. I don't have the results of the entire scoring for Friday mostly due to the fact that we were at different places and didn't have a full group.

Saturday's matches took the form of two man better ball matches and The MacNeil team took the early lead after the first days play at Cranberry Valley Country Club. Cranberry is in top shape this year with true and fast greens although they are large enough to still produce an occasional three putt.

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As usual, the photographer didn't get a chance to play with everyone, so this photo report is limited to players in his groups. Maybe someday, someone else in the other groups will take some pictures (maybe they really don't want a public record).

The pictures

Ernie heads over to the edge of the woods for his ball,
(not far from the green, however).

Then, he executes a very nice chip shot trying to save par.

Just a pretty golf hole, I don't know what I was trying to get.

Ernie rolls a birdie putt to within 10 feet.

Ernie, Jim, Tony and Mike prepare for Saturdays match
at Cranberry. (Ernie and Tony competed with Jim and Mike).

Ken Layhe and Steve Smith (did he really come all that way to play golf?).

Rick Nolin (reporter) and Bob Brazeau (host and scorer).

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