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Welcome to the 1999 Semi-annual all-day golf match Page 4

Actual unretouched digitized video clip of Rick's swing!

Dyson continued to dominate and surged past Rick for second place with a fine 41 on the backside to go with the 39 on the front on the second round. It seems that Ray had built an unassailable lead and he also continued to play under net par with his best outing in several weeks. Rick had to be satisfied with a great long drive show as he shot a good round, but nothing spectacular. Dyson scored big in greenies and birdies, as well as bragging rights on the overtake of second place.

Ron finished with a decent second round, but nothing was going to save him after the first round he scored.
At the end of the day the total net scores were:

1. Ray 35/30-65 33/34-67/132
2. Al 43/36-79 32-34-66/145
3. Rick 34/40-74 36/37-73/147
4. Ron 42/40-82 37/37-74/156

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The pictures

Rayball chips on #9

Ron blasts one close to #9

Ron goes for #10 from 100 yards! oops, chunked!

Rayball is all smiles while Ron checks the market

Rick loves his driver; Al says, "mines better!"

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