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Welcome to the 1999 Semi-annual all-day golf match Page 3

Actual unretouched digitized video clip of Rick's swing!

Ray came on pretty strong on the back nine of the first round shooting a gross score of 45, (hmmmm, what's his handicap?). Dyson came a bit to life shooting a 43, but still was well behind Ray and Rick when the first 18 holes were completed. By this time, Dyson had a big lead in greenies and a small lead in long drives, but Rick was putting on the heat in that category.

Ray and Al both had birdies on the backside; Ray's coming on a fine ten foot sidehill putt on #11 and Al's on the #13 par three where he dropped a five footer for a triple greenie. By the end of the 18 holes the net scores were:

1. Ray 35/30-65
2. Rick 34/40-74
3. Al 43/36-79
4. Ron 42/40-82

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The pictures

Al drills if for a birdie 2 on #13

Al chips to #14 (too bad he drowned a ball on the way)

Ron chips to #14 (should have made an easy par)

Second round; Al drives on #9

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