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A lookback the Nolin Brothers golf trip to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1991.

The Nolin brothers only got together for about three or four years in the 1989-1992 period. Brother Bob remained in Virginia after he left the US Navy back some years before. He was considerate and gracious enough to come up to New England several times over the years and we were able to play golf on occasion; but the trips to Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach (just Bob and I), Shawnee-Inn-on-Delaware, were all something special.

Now that we are all just about "retarded" from our career demands, I am trying to re-kindle the fires of fun that we had on those trips. If Bob can get over his shoulder pains (or have an extra shot of rum before play), and if he can get off his boat for a few days or hours, we might get back together soon.

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The pictures

The Nolin brothers 1991

Bob hits a long chip

Bob and Ray again

Rick takes life easy

Ray spent some quality time in the woods

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