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A lookback the Nolin Brothers golf trip to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1991.

The weather was fine this weekend in early April and once again we figured that maybe there was a good reason for the golf trip and package prices to shoot up like they do in April and on thru June. After the experiences I had in late March a couple of years; I thought that we could stay home, save seveal hundred dollars and go out in the cold, wind and rain in our backyards. So why go a few hundred miles to Myrtle Beach for those little pleasures?

This 1991 trip pictured in this report only shows a couple of golf courses on a couple of days, but you can get a pretty good feel that the weather was nice enough. Until I can find the written tournament summary and golf report, we shall have to just guess as to who was the ruling champion (or not, if we don't care).

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The pictures

Nolin Brothers say, "cheese"

Bob says, "Feel the Power!"

Ray drives again

Bob says, "I don't have aquaphobia"

Ray says, "What the hell is the holdup?"

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