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A lookback the Nolin Brothers golf trip to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1991.

I was putting together a webpage to review our Nolin (and Mambro) brothers golftrips to Myrtle Beach around 1989-1990, plus a trip to Shawnee-Inn-on-the-Delaware in fall of 1990 when I ran across a pretty extensive photo collection of a 1991 trip which we took to Myrtle Beach and the pictures warrant a presentation of a webpage on their own. TA-DA, they are presented here.

In contrast to the other trips to Myrtle and the trip to Shawnee Inn, I notice two things about this photo collection. One, the pictures of of superior quality in composition, exposure and "energy" for lack of another word. Two, there are mostly pictures of my bros Ray and Bob and just a couple of me; indicating that yours truly was in fact the "superior" photographer.

The fact that I am also the superior golfer is coincidental. I haven't found the written record for this golf trip, but continue to look for it; as it was my routine to document the play of the competition as the days flew by. Suffice it to say that we had such good fun, a bunch of 50+somethings brothers getting together for the first time for any extended period since we were beating the crap out of each other and crying to our mother and father back in the dark age, before internet, computers, tv, hell maybe radio and newpapers.

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The pictures

Myrtle Beach National Golf Club 1991

Bob drives one D.T.M.

Ray hit his tee shot

Bob clears those old hips; "Ouch"

"Pull it out, it's goin' in"

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