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Happy Holidays 1999/2000

Welcome to the second Annual Nolin-Mambro Father Son Golf Tournament, December 3-6, 1999

Nolin-Mambro Father/Son Golf 1999

December 3-6, 1999
Southern Pines, NC

Amazing Dave Mambro rises to the occasion as team Mambro defends their title won in the inaugural event.
Ray falls back and fires at Hyland Hills!

Old Dave and young David took the early lead on day 1 and held on for the duration as the Nolin teams just couldn't seem to get things going, although Ray and Scott did make a challenging run at the leaders on the last day when Dave struggled in the rain with his only lousy nine hole stretch of the tourney. In the end, the top seed (what is this, tennis?) recovered as the sun broke out on the back nine and fairly ran away at the last. Team Ray/Scott just couldn't keep the pressure on and for the second year, took the runners up prize (not really, there are only first place placques for the winners).

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Scott shows his dad how to keep away from the sand trap.
Notice that Scott is less of an arm swinger than "you know who".

A new scoring format was tried for the first time this year and although it was quite difficult to keep an up-to-hole running score and some of the competitors thought it was overly complicated, the idea of losing points for shooting triple bogey or worse seemed to keep players working to making the best score possible on each hole, even if they had lost the chance for the bogey point. In other words, a player had continued incentive to play out the hole to try to avoid the possible minus 1/2 or minus 1 score on a poorly played hole. This scoring system seemed to be an important factor in that all teams finished with minus points off their quotas.

Beanie Boy (Eric) shows uncle Ray how to keep away from the fairway.

Scott, Eric and Rayball doing their best "golfer" impersonations.

These photos were shot during the overtime round at Hyland Hills
Golf Club in Southern Pines, SC. The Mambro boys had taken off after
the tournament 18 holes round so that they could plot, plan,
strategize and eat.

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We don't need another hero; we have Arnie

Here he is, willing the flight of the ball! Email me at the following location