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Happy New Year 2000

days 'til the real new millennium

For the first time in human history, four R. Nolins teed it up for a golf match in Dade City, Florida on March 16, 2000. Brothers Raymond, Robert, Richard and cousin Ronald Nolin engaged in a round robin format of competition. Ron was on the winning team for each six hole match, while Bob, Ray and Rich each won only when teamed up with Ron, losing the other two. Bob and Ron each had a birdie; Ron had a triple greenie. Rich scored a big victory in the head to head long drive battle with Ron. Ray had fun!

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Raymond, Ronald, Robert, Rick Nolin; pose before teeing off:
March 16, 2000, Dade City, FL

Ron displays his driving thumb "booboo" (begging for strokes), with partner Bob:
March 16, 2000, Dade City, FL

Ray, Bob and Rick (aka, littlebuppie) pose before teeing off:
March 16, 2000, Dade City, FL

The Scorecard from Scotland Yards Golf Club, Dade City Florida March 16, 2000

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